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SWOLLEN (DK) – ‘The Breathless Waiting / Promo 98’ CD


SWOLLEN (DK) – ‘The Breathless Waiting / Promo 98’ CD

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Swollen was formed by Mads Haarløv (Guitar), Thomas Fagerlind (Bass) and Anders Simmelkjær (Drums), under the name Hackfleish. Anders soon chose to leave the band, for whatever reason. Jacob Olsen, whom Mads had played with in Iniquity until the recording of Serenadium, joined the band, since he was out of Iniquity, aswell. Swollen played a few shows, and gave birth to The Breathless Waiting demo in ‘96 and the “not very released” Promo 98 tape. Last one led to a meeting with Mighty Music. A deal was about to happen. Now, Jesper Frost, who replaced Jacob in Iniquity, was faced with a band gone tits up. He needed a singer, guitarist and a bass player. So, what more obvious than to ask Thomas and Mads of Swollen, to join Iniquity. That was the end of Swollen.
Having the label breathing down Iniquity’s neck, the band was in a bit of a rush to finish a full length album. The band decided to just nick some of the tunes from Promo 98, since maybe only 30 copies of that tape had hit the streets. -Hence the reason songs of the Promo 98 are to be found on Iniquity´s Five Across The Eyes album. -Overall crushing and brutal, old school death metal paving the way for Iniquity.

This amazing piece of death metal history will have the same standard of quality of the previous CD and LP titles from The CRYPT, and will feature both brand new and original 90’s cover art, classic band photos and liner new notes from the band!

Limited to 1000 copies worldwide! Stay away from BOOTLEGS! Support the band and official releases!!

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Dark Symphonies


Death Metal