SWARÞ – ‘Omines Pestilentiae’ D-LP Gatefold


SWARÞ – ‘Omines Pestilentiae’ D-LP Gatefold

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SwarÞ are the embodiment of ‘obscure,’ in all senses of the word. No info is known about the band – their membership, location of origin beyond ‘international,’ even their year of origin – nor do any photos exist of the band. ‘More importantly, their sound is obscure: across three recordings released during 2012 and 2013, this enigmatic maw of sound have secretly built a defiant form of blackened death metal as miasmic as it is magisterial, and infinitely hypnotizing like no other. Absolute ritualism, SwarÞ’s two demos – 2012’s self-titled demo and the following year’s ‘Tayl is Deep purgh pyn Envenymynge’ – are collected with the Mors Rex Salvator Hominum tape EP as a double-vinyl LP entitled Omines Pestilentiae. ‘The 2LP ‘Omines Pestilentiae’ will be presented in a gatefold edition of 500 copies, including an eight-page booklet. A tome/tomb like no other, open/enter SwarÞ’s Omines Pestilentiae and lose/find the Shadow Self…’

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Death Metal

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