SUPURATION (Fr) – ‘Sultry Obsession + bonus’ LP (clear vinyl)


SUPURATION (Fr) – ‘Sultry Obsession + bonus’ LP (clear vinyl)

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The Crypt is proud to announce our partnering with French avant garde death metal legends, SUPURATION, to unleash for the first time on vinyl their debut 1990 EP ‘Sultry Obsession’. originally only available as a MCD, and having been out of print for years, we offer this amazing gem once again, and on vinyl format. Often compared to a fusion of early Voivod and Carcass, this obscure death metal classic will be mastered for vinyl from the original 1990 DAT tape and presented in a 350 gram sturdy jacket with the original cover artwork from the 1990 MCD, complete with lyrics, unpublished classic band photos and new liner notes from the band. As a bonus, this amazing LP set will feature three 1992 tracks only available on the’ Obscurum per Obscurius’ compilation CD from 1992, having been limited to 500 copies.

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