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STILLBORN (Pl) – ‘Mirrormaze / Die in torment 666’ CD


STILLBORN (Pl) – ‘Mirrormaze / Die in torment 666’ CD

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For the first time on CD, those ancient demos recorded back in 1999 and 2001, respectively, show Stillborn at their rawest. Though youthfully rough, spontaneous and imperfect on the one hand, and sincere, passionate and devoted enough on the other, these maniacs from Mielec were already able to deliver brutal as fuck death metal with a touch of black metallic evil that brings to mind such unholy masters as Sarcofago (‘Mirrormaze’), Angelcorpse (‘Die in Torment 666’), and the like. Intense and psychotic, brutal yet memorable riffs, sick arpeggios, infrequent but dense and right-where-they-should-be solos, Killer’s very characteristic shrieks and growls, underlaying pounding bass guitars and corresponding, blasting and skull-crushing drums, all delivered in fast and ultra fast tempos, from time to time interrupted with violent and pulverizing slowdowns, were a harbinger of what was about to come – one of the best, most brutal and vulgar, putrid and merciless blackened death metal acts in the Polish scene ever. No re-recording, remastering, no overlays or overdubs, no tampering with the sound or anything, everything as it used to be released on tape back then – you simply have a chance to check what unholy abyss of sonic devastation they are actually coming from and what they are here for.

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