SORT SIND (Dk) – ‘I Skyggen af Livet’ LP


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Black vinyl, limited to 250 copies.

Blackened Metal of Death, featuring members of Hyperdontia, Ascendency, Had, Sulphurous, and Taphos (and formerly of Phrenelith).



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In stock
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NUCLEAR WINTER PRODUCTIONS is proud to present SORT SIND’s striking debut album, I Skyggen af Livet, on CD / LP

Denmark’s SORT SIND were born out of the ashes of sulfuric might in 2020, into a darkness of corrosion of the mind, with the members currently hailing from the likes of Hyperdontia, Ascendency, Had, Sulphurous, and Taphos (and formerly of Phrenelith). Soon, the duo released a two-song demo, portending grave deeds on the horizon…

At least, that horizon looms with I Skyggen af Livet, SORT SIND’s debut full-length. A new dark chapter, the album consists of eight songs in a swift 32 minutes. SORT SIND’s surging & slipstreaming attack is far more epic than those compact runtimes suggest; with shadows swirling through the maze of their twisted minds, the duo construct muscular, deathened black metal that reminds of the late ’90s vanguard whilst emitting a freshness of approach. Put another way, I Skyggen af Livet has few modern analogues: SORT SIND are their own entity of vengeful, grim misery. No matter what genre boundaries one places around it, the duo’s debut album unshackles itself and takes the listener on a journey downward through the spiral of madness, revealing new layers of dementia the more that listener submits to their coming of chaos. Classic black/death songcraft, then, but suffused with restless, red-eyed energy – I Skyggen af Livet is only the beginning of SORT SIND. This is black metal darkness!

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Black Metal, Death / Black