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SORE THROAT (UK) – ‘Unhindered By Talent/Nevermind The Napalm’ CD


SORE THROAT (UK) – ‘Unhindered By Talent/Nevermind The Napalm’ CD

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To quote some reviews of when this came out: “SORE THROAT are the latest hell of the ultracore thrash ”gurgling-gravel-in-a-sound-avalanche” school of thought”. “SORE THROAT are a music fan’s worst nightmare, 52 tracks that threaten to defy the very laws of nature, the ST sound is a thick, ugly mother that catches you like the swiftest blow to the stomach and leaves you feeling you’ve just gone 15 rounds with a runaway steamroller.” Originally released in 1988 after a few successful demos and the hyper-legendary “Death to capitalist Hardcore” 45 song EP, “Unhindered by talent” was the groundbreaking debut full length of UK’s most extreme Noise unit, alternating ultra-short detonating noise bursts to some solid 2-riffs/2-phrases HC/Punk anthems devoted to the Discharge/early Scandicore formula and also inevitably reminiscent of DOOM, with whom ST shared 2 members.

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