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SOLOTHUS (Fin) – ‘Summoned from the Void’ CD Digipack


SOLOTHUS (Fin) – ‘Summoned from the Void’ CD Digipack

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Reissue of the debut full-length from the very talented Finnish quintet whose critically acclaimed demo, entitled “Ritual of the Horned Skull”, took the Death/Doom scene by the storm in 2011. Recorded and mixed by Harri Hyytiäinen at Rehearsalucifer Studios (Finland), and mastered by Greg Chandler (of Esoteric fame) at Priory Recordings Studios (U.K.), “Summoned from the Void” is a devastating aural mammoth plenty of crushingly slow tempos, deep growls, somber harmonies, mid-paced heaviness and epic atmospheres that should definitely appeal to fans of bands such as Hooded Menace, early Paradise Lost, Cianide, Rippikoulu, Coffins, early Cathedral, Anatomia…

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