SHUD (Fra) – ‘Rot in Pieces’ 2-CD


SHUD (Fra) – ‘Rot in Pieces’ 2-CD

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SHUD belonged to the great Death/Thrash Metal era in France, along with CATACOMB, MERCYLESS, ASSHOLE, LOUDBLAST, AGRESSOR, MASSACRA, NOMED, MUTILATED, DEATH POWER… The band existed from 1988 to 1993. The first CD features the following demos : ‘Promo Tape 1992’, ‘Beyond the Real’ from 1991 and ‘De Profundis’ from 1990. The second CD features the ‘Blindfold’ demo from 1989, the first song written by the band in 1988, and many live recordings, among which some exclusive tracks and a NOMED cover. An exhumation not to be missed…

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Death / Thrash