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SERPENT CORPSE (Can) – ‘Blood Sabbath’ CD


SERPENT CORPSE (Can) – ‘Blood Sabbath’ CD

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In stock
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Hailing from the ever-rising Montreal death metal scene, SERPENT CORPSE are at once foreign and familiar. Blood Sabbath, their full-length debut following a demo in 2021, on first glance feels resolutely old school: straightforward songwriting, analog production, little flash but full fire. And indeed, SERPENT CORPSE do show noble influence from the very early ’90s – foremost among them, the world-eating enormity of classic Bolt Thrower and vigorous D-beating of early Entombed – but along with another set of tweaked influences and, more so, a maniacal manner in which to pursue them, the Canadian quartet prove that the idea of traditional all-caps DEATH METAL is undying and infinite. The further one steps into the ichor of Blood Sabbath, the more those tweaks take shape – Darkthrone during their death metal days, Seance skewing death ‘n’ roll, the DM-in-glue of classic Cianide, or especially Autopsy’s transition into Abscess – and the more the exemplary songwriting truly begins to shine…or ROT, as it were! For this nine-song/39-minute album sounds as slimy as it does headbanging – and those singed ‘n’ seared leads are the definition of haunting! Coupled with powerfully clear annunciation from vocalist/bassist Andrew Haddad and mesmerizing cover art courtesy of Lucas Korte, SERPENT CORPSE deliver one of the most essential death metal debuts of recent memory. A festering death awaits!

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