SENTENCED (Fin) – North From Here LP Gatefold (2009 edition)


SENTENCED (Fin) – North From Here LP Gatefold (2009 edition)

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2009 edition, STILL FACTORY SEALED. Their second album, originally released in 1993. „Sentenced evolve in dramatic style from the furious but standard early‑1990s European death metal of their Shadows of The Past debut with second effort North from Here, which displays a highly developed sense of composition, shaped by frenetic guitars coursing through frozen melodic streams in racing harmonic fury. Insane pace of intricate rhythms in complex patterns supports in parallel form the manic currents of lucid melody, framed by hyper drumming that is astounding in precision and speed within these involved constructions. Vocals now taken over by bassist Taneli Jarva are of a higher pitched, near-black metal scream with a scornful, gritty tone, ferocious and spiteful in distinctive, sometimes eccentric expressive character. His charismatic delivery brings a stronger identity to this music as opposed to the gruff, commonplace death growl of lead guitarist Miika Tenkula heard on the previous album. The soundworld of Sentenced transforms from its hateful but humble and sometimes clumsy origins of death into a violent race through bloodstained tundra.”

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