SELEFICE (Gr) – ‘Where is the Heaven’ LP


SELEFICE (Gr) – ‘Where is the Heaven’ LP

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Official re-issue, limited to 500 copies. Death / Black Metal band formed in 1990 in Athens, Greece. In 1991 SELEFICE released their ‘Selefice’ demo including 3 songs. This demo sold over 1000 copies worldwide via tape-trading. At the same time the band appeared on stage as much as possible at shows and metal festivals especially in their hometown Athens. At the end of 1993 SELEFICE released their only full album until today entitled ‘Where Is The Heaven’ in vinyl format from the greek Molon Lave Records and on CD from the german label Soundphaze International. In 1994 due to several circumstances the band abruptly split up.

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