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SCYTHE (USA) – ‘Beware The Scythe’ CD


SCYTHE (USA) – ‘Beware The Scythe’ CD

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A perfect mix of old school black, death and thrash metal in the vein of USURPER, CELTIC FROST and VENOM with the attitude of NIFELHEIM! SCYTHE is a True Chicago Underground Heavy Metal Band that specializes in head-banging, fist-banging, thrashing, Metal Anthems. Forged out of the ashes of the legendary Chicago band USURPER, by original Usurper guitarist, songwriter, founder, mastermind: Rick Scythe; SCYTHE picks up where USURPER left off – by establishing a sound which incorporates the style of 80’s thrash/black/death metal, combined with elements of dark atmosphere, classic heavy metal and heavy rock n’ roll to create an original sound that follows no modern trends. SCYTHE is a spikey gauntlet in the face of all hipster pretenders, new metal trenders, false wanna-be-Nu-Thrash, and all other forms of weak, derivative uninspired metal. Posers BEWARE… BEWARE THE SCYTHE!

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