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SATAN’S HOST (USA) – ‘By the Hands of the Devil’ D-LP Gatefold


SATAN’S HOST (USA) – ‘By the Hands of the Devil’ D-LP Gatefold

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Well, Satan’s Host are a legend – that’s for sure. “Metal from Hell“, originally issued in 1986 and bootlegged numerous times, is a landmark US Metal album. As any self-respecting Metal fan will know, vocalist Harry Conklin (aka Leviathan Thisiren) was also singing for the mighty Jag Panzer (who have just very recently split up for good). Probably due to Conklin’s involvement with the band, Satan’s Host was merely seen as a Jag Panzer side project by a lot of people. However, drummer Anthony Lopez thinks this is far from the truth: “The band never was a side project. The band was formed as a new band, it always makes us laugh because we have never said anywhere the band was ever a side project. That came about from the media, Satan’s Host is and always will be a true band! We never really paid attention to Jag Panzer fans making that connection, because our goal was to create something new that no one had ever heard before. We feel proud that all the fans have grown our legacy unto legendary status.“

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