SARGATANAS (Mex) – ‘The Enlightenment’ D-LP Gatefold


SARGATANAS (Mex) – ‘The Enlightenment’ D-LP Gatefold

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Re-release of the ’97 kult album with bonus tracks and poster. Death Metal is the main conductor, but slower, Doomy influences have lots of presence, together with thrashier parts and an obscure Black Metal aura that covers the sound. The sound is VERY heavy, typical for the Mexican sound of bands like Shub Niggurath and early Cenotaph. Most of the time it’s slow-mid paced, but sounds crushing as Hell and has killer sludgy riffs. The sound is very massive throughout the whole album and this album has a truly no-bullshit blasphemous atmos-fear!

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Terror From Hell


Death Metal

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