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S.D.I. (Ger) – ‘Mistreated’ CD


S.D.I. (Ger) – ‘Mistreated’ CD

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In their “first life”, the Osnabrück/Germany based trio released three albums by 1989 that went down in metal history. At the beginning with “Satans Defloration Incorporated” (1986) fast, loud, silly and dirty, they developed with the albums “Sign of the Wicked” (1987) and “Mistreated” (1989) a varied, very musical speed metal sound that made them unmistakable as their own brand. For the remaster of “Mistreated”, which will be released in spring 2021, the band will even go one step further and release “alongside the original recordings from 1989” two songs that were specially re-recorded for this remaster. Three more bonus tracks from 1989 and 1992 round off this re-release.

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