RUINOUS (USA) – ‘Graves of Ceaseless Death’ LP


RUINOUS (USA) – ‘Graves of Ceaseless Death’ LP

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What can you really expect when you get together former or current members of GOREAPHOBIA, INCANTATION, FUNEBRARUM or DISMA but death metal of the utmost quality? Formed right after Alex Bouks (guitar), Matt Medeiros (guitar & vocals) and Shawn Eldridge (drums) all stepped out of their duties with FUNEBRARUM to form their own band, RUINOUS perfectly embodies everything those guys have been up until now while forging a sound on its own. While Medeiros brings on the table the brutal, ominous vibe that made FUNEBRARUM’s The Sleep of Morbid Dreams such an amazing experience, Bouks’ more classic metal background adds more layers.

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Dark Descent


Death Metal