RUIN (USA) – ‘Spread Plague Death’ LP


RUIN (USA) – ‘Spread Plague Death’ LP

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The newest album from the death metal cult, available now for pre-sale! RUIN was spewed forth in 1991 by MJS. Many band members came and went and after incarcerations, deaths and disappearances, the band went on a long break, up until 2015, when MJS decided to get this dismal and rotting corpse back up and ready to kill again. Drummer D-Muerte joined and former member Phobic One was on board to release the demo “Spread Plague Hell” on his label Nero One Records in 2015. Live assaults started and there have been MANY splits and EPs released since then, as well as the full length albums “Drown in Blood” and “Human Annihilation.” Band members Spine(Bass) and Brix(Guitars) became constant and now Bodybag(Guitars) has also joined the ranks. Now 2021 brings the third full length album “Spread Plague Death.” Vinyl LP is being handled by Nameless Grave Records, cassette tapes are being handled by Nero One Records and Death Metal Cult and the compact disc version is being handled by Goat Throne Records. The release date for this is August 27!

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