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ROTHEADS (Rom) – ‘Slither in Slime’ CD


ROTHEADS (Rom) – ‘Slither in Slime’ CD

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Unyielding and unapologetic, Rotheads took their aggregate influences -particularly from the classic early 90´s Finnish scene (Convulse, Abhorrence/Amorphis, Sentenced, Demigod, Depravity), as well as other timeless crypt dwellers such as Autopsy, Gorement, Edge of Sanity, Accidental Suicide, Incubator and Asphyx- and proceeded to create a mesmerizingly murky and moody work with their debut album. The sewage was piled high and plentifully, and true diehards took notice. And still the sewers call! A four-way split with Vorus, Engrossed and Eruptive followed a year later, but the sewers of the soul that pollute Rotheads continued to pulse, patiently lying in wait for the right time to strike. And strike they do with their sophomore full-length, “Slither in Slime”! Another aptly-fucking-titled album, “Slither in Slime” immediately sounds like Rotheads, but something strange -something altogether unwholesome and even otherworldly- is at work here. While no doubt as crushing as ever, there´s a cool/calm/collected execution to the album that creates tension and unease, allowing those same foul and fetid riffs to wash over you with filthier effect, and something approaching “atmosphere” results.

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