ROPE SECT (Ger) – ‘Proskynesis’ 10”MLP


ROPE SECT (Ger) – ‘Proskynesis’ 10”MLP

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Comprising six songs, Proskynesis is a record of two distinct halves. The first half comprises three brand-new tracks called “Proskynesis” I, II, and III which mainly focus on ovation in form of a eulogy: a homage to the force that is manifested in the King of the Night – a worship of the ideas and ideals of the sect that were secretly ignited and built up to a grand fire which will even survive and endure the great flood and therefore remain forever. The second half of Proskynesis comprises old songs that have only previously been released digitally. As such, they differ from the characteristic ROPE SECT sound, maintaining a more electronic sound – arguably, even more minimalist – and recorded solely by mainman Inmesher. Even within these even-more-Spartan confines, the band’s sound simmers with an electricity that’s undeniable and infectious. Together, both halves make for an illuminating totality that runs parallel and perpendicular to ROPE SECT’s mesmerizing march to greatness.

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