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REVEL IN FLESH (Ger) – ‘Manifested Darkness’ CD Slipcase


Slipcase edition

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The Swedish sounding German death metal duo Revel In Flesh is back with their second album. Has much changed? Not at all. The band still sounds like a Swedish death metal band from 1990. They once again cooperated with Dan Swäno, even when this legend this time also provided the mix where he only mastered the debut. So sound wise this is all top-notch. Basically this should tell the fan enough, especially when you already liked the debut. The fact it’s not only Swedish death metal comes across through the bonus tracks the band recorded. On the CD you will find a cover of Autopsy’s ‘Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay’ next to the nine own songs. On the LP edition you will find ‘Mutilation’ originally by Death.

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