REEKING AURA (USA) – ‘Blood & Bonemeal’ LP (Color vinyl)


REEKING AURA (USA) – ‘And Bonemeal’ LP (Color vinyl)

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Reeking Aura is a NY/NJ based death/doom metal band in the old school tradition comprised of known scene veterans from Long Island and NYC. Originally conceived as a project for guitarists Ryan Lipynsky (Unearthly Trance, The Howling Wind) and Rick Habeeb (Grey Skies Fallen, Buckshot Facelift) to share lead duties, additional guitarist Terrell Grannum (Thaetas, Buckshot Facelift), was brought into the fold along with fellow Buckshot Facelift alumni Tom Anderer (Grey Skies Fallen) on bass and William “Big Will” Smith (Afterbirth, Ex-Artificial Brain) on vocals in late 2019.

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