RAVENS CREED (UK) – ‘Nestless & Wild’ 7”EP


RAVENS CREED (UK) – ‘Nestless & Wild’ 7”EP

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The news was brutal to say the least: the almighty Ben Ward having just announced that due to ORANGE GOBLIN’s tight schedule he had to return his butcher’s apron and resign from the collective known as RAVENS CREED, VENOM lovers and bartenders alike were getting ready to mourn the inevitable demise of their new favorite hellraisers who smacked them in the face in 2009 with the aptly titled ‘Albion Thunder’. Now adding an even thicker thrash-metal edge to their sonic assault, they’ve lost none of their venomous rasp nor their ability to repeatedly punch you in the face with a grin while having a pint with their mates. Yes indeed, the tanks are STILL rolling my friend and they’re once again ready to crush you so get the fuck out the way of RAVENS CREED! Coloured white vinyl housed in coated heavy weight jacket with insert and UV spot colour. limited to 500 copies.

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Death / Crust