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PYREXIA (USA) – ‘Feast of Iniquity’ CD


PYREXIA (USA) – ‘Feast of Iniquity’ CD

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Pyrexia are one of the best kept secrets of New York death metal, they’ve been thriving in the underground since 1990 and have recently been resurrected after a ten year hiatus. Their debut release in 1993, Sermon of Mockery, is still today an underrated brutal death metal classic. With a line-up change log as long as your arm, the four piece group reformed after having laid dormant since 1997 (lets not count the Catastrophic releases); their slumber subsequently following the flop of their generic second release, System of the Animal. The 2007 comeback deliverance, Age of the Wicked, proved to be groundbreaking for Pyrexia as they showcased new vocal talent that was accompanied by a revitalized sound, and the band have been going strong ever since.

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