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PROTECTOR (Ger) – ‘Ominous Message Of Brutality’ CD


PROTECTOR (Ger) – ‘Ominous Message Of Brutality’ CD

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The “Ominous Message Of Brutality” CD is to be looked upon as the sequel to PROTECTOR’s “Echoes from the Past” CD, released in 2003 by I Hate. The songs are put in the same, chronological, running order and begin with the 4 live tracks recorded in Braunschweig on the 1st of May 1989. Then comes the 1989 LP “Urm the Mad” and lastly the 1990 MLP “Leviathan’s Desire”, 17 tracks on a total playing time of 65:18 minutes. Stylistically the booklet also follows in the footsteps of the “Echoes…’ CD, having 24 pages featuring loads of lyrics, pictures and liner notes by Martin Missy. The sound has not been meddled with this time either and basically what we’re saying here is that if you already have “Echoes from the Past” you can’t afford to miss out on “Ominous Message of Brutality”! In fact, no fan of brutal and aggressive German Thrash Metal can…

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I Hate Rec.


Death / Thrash

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