POWER FROM HELL (Br) – ‘Shadows Devouring Light’ LP Gatefold


POWER FROM HELL (Br) – ‘Shadows Devouring Light’ LP Gatefold

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Pressed on black heavy vinyl. Comes with a 2-page insert and a download card.

Formed in 2001, Metal-lifers POWER FROM HELL from São Paulo, Brazil arrive on DMP in a style befitting the label with their fantastically obscure 7th full-length “Shadows Devouring Light”.

The band’s raw Black/Thrash sound of yesteryear has given way to a darker, more complete path within Black Metal: blending the primitive, lo-fi mysticism of the first wave, the unearthly melodic conviction of the second wave and the dissonant arpeggiation of modern innovators in a firestorm of rousing, hair-whipping songcraft.

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Debemur Morti


Black / Thrash