POISONOUS (Bra) – ‘Perdition’s Den’ LP


POISONOUS (Bra) – ‘Perdition’s Den’ LP

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Sometimes when you think you’ve heard the best already, you run into something even better. Not long after Frank got my third ‘final’ version of the 2010’s list this monster of a record appeared and once again the previous top 10 actually became obsolete (sorry, Frank)! For those who not know POISONOUS, they are the continuation of the defunct IMPETUOUS RAGE who released the intense ‘Inverted Redemption’ three years ago. POISONOUS released the ‘Demo 2009’ last year on the obscure Genocide Productions which featured some classy and dark Death Metal in the vein of HEADHUNTER DC, UNGODLY and IMPETUOUS RAGE. On this debut ‘Perdition’s Den’ they continue in the same strong way with 10 songs (including two midtros) present a great majestic atmosphere that is spawned from the excellent riffing, very classy deep grunting, intense drumming and top notch songwriting. Due to the production ‘Perdition’s Den’ reminded strongly of IMMOLATIONS’s classic debut ‘Dawn Of Possession’ and POISONOUS are by no means copycats! Even though most tracks follow more or less the same pattern every single one of them is awesome old school Death Metal, so I guess that won’t be a problem then. The speed shifts within every track to serve the composition’s varity and many breaks sound so organic that the unaware ear could miss the matrue talent of these guys. The last track ‘Poisonous’ is from the demo 2009 which is cool, but why not put the entire demo as a bonus? Now we miss the SARCOFAGO cover ‘The Black Vomit’ which is too bad because the playing time of only 37 minutes felt like a bit of a let down. To wrap it up, this is food for all old school Death Metal veterans into HEADHUNTER DC, POSSESSED, IMMOLATION, MORTEM, SADISTIC INTENT, THE CHASM, CEMETERY URN, SCENT OF DEATH and the likes. Great band that you shouldn’t miss! – Michael Tak for VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE.

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