PESTILENGTH (Sp) – ‘Solar Clorex’ TAPE


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Official European Tape version on Nuclear Winter Records, limited to 100 copies pressed on gold shell tapes

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In stock
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Basque Country ‘corrosive Death Metal’ duo PESTILENGTH ascend to a next level of glorious deviance with third full-length “Solar Clorex”.

The follow up to 2021’s monstrous “Basom Gryphos”, this newest emanation is the most brilliant example yet of the band’s dank mesmeric alchemy and their singular approach to creating total sonic irradiation.

PESTILENGTH have conjured an impeccable sequence of tense, cryptic songs-of-decay: grotesque vocals combust, choke and reignite; barbed riffs – each with a sting in the tail – creep, crawl and shapeshift into electrifying violence; merciless rhythms transition from cavern-dwelling churn to jolting frenzy, skewed grooves to pure brutality.

Blessed by a stripped-back, almost-live and eminently tangible sound, “Solar Clorex” revels in its peculiar precision – as this viciously hard-hitting, distinctive and cutting-edge band bore beneath the skin to writhe triumphant.


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Death / Black, Death / Doom, Death Metal