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PENTAGRAM (Chi) – ‘The Malefice’ CD


PENTAGRAM (Chi) – ‘The Malefice’ CD

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Pentagram Chile was formed in 1985 by Anton Reisenegger (vocals, lead guitar) and Juan Pablo Uribe (rhythm guitar), two teenagers whose main interests were underground metal and alcohol. Influenced by the likes of SLAYER, VENOM, KREATOR and POSSESSED, the pair started writing songs in Reisenegger’s bedroom until their live debut on December 28th, 1985 with Eduardo Topelberg of CHRONOS helping out on drums. The new album, titled ‘The Malefice’, was finally completed in early 2013. Recorded at drummer Juan Pablo Donoso’s Sade Studio in Chile and HVR Studios in the UK, the record consists of all-new material written by founding members Reisenegger and Uribe.

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Cyclone Empire


Death / Thrash

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