PAROXSIHZEM (Can) – ‘Paroxsihzem’ LP Gatefold


PAROXSIHZEM (Can) – ‘Paroxsihzem’ LP Gatefold

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Formed in 2007, Paroxsihzem puts forth a harsh, dark, demented, and atmospheric form of Black/Death metal. Their debut CD offers production that gives a very suffocating and nauseating feeling to their music which is only appropriate for the type of themes and inspiration used. There is no specific area of interest as history,philosophy, psychology and suicide are all touched upon as inspirational elements. The relation between all these is to reach the darkest, non-fictional embodiment of humanity, no spiritual, fictional or delusional inspirations used, only tangible events that convey a much more brutal and contorted view of humanity allowing for a closer association to the reality of existence. Each song in and of itself is unique, ranging from doomy and atmospheric, to chaotic and hateful, this is to help convey the insanity within humanity by utilizing a variety of powerful elements within the music.

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Death / Black