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PALUS SOMNI (Uk/Usa) – ‘Monarch Of Dark Matter’ CD


PALUS SOMNI (Uk/Usa) – ‘Monarch Of Dark Matter’ CD

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In stock
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Whilst the name of Palus Somni is totally unknown for most, none are the persons involved in this band, born by the international collaboration of three characters . With the twisted dissonant riffs of Stroda (known for this work on U.K. based Industrial / Black Metal act Decoherence), the thundering vicious percussions of Eoghan (known for his work on U.S. Black Metal bands Akhlys and Aoratos) and the distant cold icy screams of Imber (from U.S. based record label Noxial), Palus Somni ‘opera prima’ stands as a raw but atmospheric and oppressive but always obscure piece of Black Metal art.

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