ORGANISMOS (Col) – ‘Manejos Invisibles’ LP


ORGANISMOS (Col) – ‘Manejos Invisibles’ LP

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Being brought up in the peak of the Colombian underground movement in the eighties is one of those grim enduring scars which both well define the character and is an unmistakable mark impossible to get rid-off. Instead of being a curse about which trying to get further away, Organismos’ second full length album ‘Manejos Invisibles’, has unveiled a neat unpolished metallic gem abruptly but coherently crafted, building bridges between the cities of Medellín and Antioquía where its members are located and come from. Blending the unbelievable violence of the South American underground sound while allowing the interference of certain and nailed experimental licences, it could shock the listener and results a juxtaposition difficult to believe or understand, but which with truly ends up assembling completely. Determined about being risky and challenging without refusing to voice rude and disconcerting, the philosophical and metaphysical lyrical work of this apocalyptic compendium, spites out a hopeless diatribe which stresses the overall decadent ambience of these 10 exalted tunes. As a final side note, is it necessary to add that the guitar player known as La Bruja, accomplishes on his resume having being part of the legendary Parabellum and Herpes? And the same thing goes for Alberto Correa (bass) and Alexis Vélez (vocals and drums) who were part of seminal outfit Ataque de Sonido. These certainly would be appetizing selling points but refering to an album which stands by itself proving it’s soundness, it’s a mere anecdotal fact since the quality of the music is what counts and outstands on this opus indisputably.

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