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OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT (Nor) – ‘Centuries of sorrow + Bonus’ CD


OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT (Nor) – ‘Centuries of sorrow + Bonus’ CD

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Formed in 1989, Obtained Enslavement was originally rooted in death metal, but soon changed to symphonic black metal after their two demos while also serving as one of the original Norwegian black metal pioneers. Members Pest and Torgrim Øyre are best know for being members of GORGOROTH. After the departure of Gaahl,  Pestrejoined GORGOROTH since the last 2 years. We commissioned Zbigniew Bielak (Watain – Lawless Darkness artwork) to re-do the artwork for the upcoming CD cover in his own hand and in his own style while still retaining the essence and imagery of the original: This amazing set will be complete with exclusive liner notes and rare, unpublished band photos. Bonus to the album are the two Obtained Enslavementdemos form 1992 and 1993 (remastered), the album will have 21 tracks in total.

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