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NILE – Festivals Of Atonement TAPE


NILE – Festivals Of Atonement TAPE

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NILE had their unique & idiosyncratic sound in place on Festivals of Atonement. Shockingly developed and as engrossing as an album itself, the 32-minute EP set forth the path on which the band would expand, here as a power-trio before expanding to the classic quartet who’d record the first two albums. Evoking Egyptian bloodshed and grandeur in both message and especially medium, NILE’s death metal here was savage and strange, always moving and always monolithic, taking the increasingly “tech” developments of mid-’90s death and subverting them to their own design, which is to say nothing of their dual-vocal attack. Indeed, to travel among these six epic tracks is to wander among those catacombs – and be confronted with warfare, horror, and the supernatural, all at once. Clear and cutting, Festivals of Atonement presented NILE at arguably their most focused and most traditionally “death metal,” but that leanness only lent more power to what was quickly becoming an idiom unto itself.

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