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NEKROMANTHEON (Nor) – ‘We’re Rotting’ CD Digipack


NEKROMANTHEON (Nor) – ‘We’re Rotting’ CD Digipack

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In stock
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Duplicate Records proudly present the reissue of NEKROMANTHEON – We’re Rotting on all formats, with “inverted” artwork. Also including all of the band’s split EP contributions with Audiopain, Abigail, Deathhammer etc., this is a mandatory piece of Norwegian thrash history! We’re Rotting was originally the debut EP of Norwegian oldschool thrashers Nekromantheon, released as a limited CD in 2007. In addition to members of Obliteration and Audiopain, it featured original vocalist Biffen (of metalpunks Rabalder), adding a menacing flavour to their savage thrash. We’re Rotting is simply a must for anyone into deadly oldschool thrash. Wimps & posers leave the hall!

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