NEKROFILTH (USA) – ‘Street Bitch’ 7”EP


NEKROFILTH (USA) – ‘Street Bitch’ 7”EP

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Zack Rose is at it again and no posers is gonna stand between him and his street bitch! As if the man hadn’t enough shit to stir up with both CRUCIFIED MORTALS and NUNSLAUGHTER, his most personal project is reaching here new heights – or should we say lows? – of depravity in the name of rock n’roll, the zombie way. If you thought that punk and metal couldn’t fornicate faster and louder than with MIDNIGHT or early TOXIC HOLOCAUST, this brand new 7 inches by NEKROFILTH is going to show you in a little more than twelve minutes how fucking wrong you were. Although made up of two separate recordings (and last with now departing founding member Timmy) with two different line-ups, let’s say those who already purchased ‘Worship Destruction’ or their raging split with SPEEDWOLF should get ready to get smeared with the same ugly and stinky shit. Wait, we’ll take that back: it’s even more stinky and ugly! And besides, that cover artwork alone will tell you all you need to know in the first place. Especially since next to two originals (“Street Bitch” and “Street Creep”), you’ll find those two covers of punk rockers DAYGLO ABORTIONS 1986 classic anthem (“Argh Fuck Kill”) and Cleveland’s first afro-american heavy-metal squad BLACK DEATH (“Street Walker”). Oh yeah baby, NEKROFILTH are the scumbag of the dark!

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