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NECROWRETCH (Fra) – ‘Putrefactive Infestation’ MLP (White vinyl)


NECROWRETCH (Fra) – ‘Putrefactive Infestation’ MLP (White vinyl)

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Dead drunk of gore and intoxicated by a severe addiction to putridness, it’s not strange al all that this dead glorifying French trio, have inflicted some serious gruesome acts of depravity and woke the restless ones up from their miasma flooded graves with “Putrefactive Infestion”. Far away from trying to reinvent the wheel, Necrowretch have not yet quench their thirst for blood and filth, after having devoured with avid full hands of the sources of Autopsy, Repugnant and other elmentary primitive death metal outlaws. Four short but hurting songs of brimming dirt, rottenness and obscenity that despite of being a total massacre, will make the surviving listeners to ask for a more extensive and hard hitting punishment . The fucked up and blow up stench of the productions puts the triple rated XXX on a distorted musical effort which won’t that easily forgotten, no matter how many bands around try (and fail) to achive. Comes in white vinyl.

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Death Metal