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NECRONY (Swe) – ‘Pathological Performances’ CD Slipcase


NECRONY (Swe) – ‘Pathological Performances’ CD Slipcase

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In stock
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Sweden’s NECRONY, with members of NASUM, existed during the first half of the 90’s a released a demo, a 7” EP, a full-length CD, a MCD and a promo tape before calling it quits. Their gore-ridden death metal has attracted underground maniacs since then forming some sort of cult status for Necrony. Originally recorded in January 1993 by the legendary Dan Swanö in Unisound Studios, the “Patholigical Performances” album was released in July the same year by Poserslaughter Records, Germany. Since then, the album has been bootlegged in different formats. The first official reissue of the album on CD, remastered by Dan Swanö and with brand new layout done by Jakobson

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Death Metal