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NECROMANIAC #11 Zine ‘Slumber of Sullen Pages’


NECROMANIAC #11 Zine ‘Slumber of Sullen Pages’

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20th years anniversary issue, 166 pages! Pentacle, Into Darkness, Abhomine, Anatomia, Beyond Mortal Dreams, Blood, Mark Sawickis, Baneful Storm, Corpsessed, Concrete Winds, Cianide, Crypts of Eternity zine, Daemonic (us), Dead Congregation, Drawn and Quartered, Drew Elliott, Eskhaton, Force of Darkness, Godless, Impure, Larvae, Leprophiliac, Immolation, Necroccultus, Mortician, Masacre, Nor Prego, Oath of Cruelty, Pentagram (chile), Reencarnacion, Thulsa Doom, Perdition Temple, Profane Order, Sijjin, Torso, Timo Ketola, Ulcerate, Sedimentum.

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