NECROFAGO (Bra) – ‘Brutal Mutilation’ LP Gatefold (FIRST PRESS)


NECROFAGO (Bra) – ‘Brutal Mutilation’ LP Gatefold (FIRST PRESS)

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NEW OLD STOCK. Regular edition with gatefold jacket, A2 poster and zine booklet. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Brazil was like a Petri dish upon which grew, with bacterial rapidity, a particularly virulent strain of Deathrash that ushered in the first manifestations of South American Black Metal. One of the most unique sounding recordings to have come from the Brazilian scene, “Brutal Mutilation” exemplifies, unlike any other recording, the emphasis those bands placed upon harsh aggression and raw recording techniques. The demo sounds like the result of the potent collision of immense quantities cheap alcohol and inhalants in brains already awash in adrenaline and youthful testosterone. Lacking in nearly every category of technical proficiency, Necrofago focused their entire effort into creating a monument to savagery. While the apparent ineptness of the playing may initially be off-putting to some listeners, those capable of suspending their need to generate order out of the chaos of the recording will find some of the most truly evil tracks committed to tape in the 1980’s.

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