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NATRON (It) – ‘Grindermeister’ CD


NATRON (It) – ‘Grindermeister’ CD

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The Italian Godfathers of Death are Back!!! NATRON is one of the mostsuccessful bands of the Italian scene DEATH METAL. The quartet is alive since1992 and they have made 6 albums… ‘Grindermeister’is the sixth full length album NATRON created as a celebration of their 20 years, re-recording 8 of the best old-songs from their discography. In the CD you will also find the unreleased ‘Dead Shall Rise’ (TERRORIZER cover) dedicated to the late Jesse Pintado (NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER). A brutal record of killer DEATH METAL and devastating power for a great old-school Italian band!!!

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Death Metal