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MORBIDITY – ‘Revealed from Ashes’ CD


MORBIDITY – ‘Revealed from Ashes’ CD

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The debut full-length from this Bangladeshi quintet. Formed back in 2011, Morbidity capture the very essence of the Death Metal of old, the brand that is rotting, abrasive, filth-laden and malevolent, with some Thrash Metal touches thrown in for good measure, drawing their influences from both Scandinavian and U.S. acts such as Nihilist, early Death, Merciless, Autopsy, Dismember, early Morbid Angel, Massacre, Grotesque and Nunslaughter. Featuring eight songs and a brilliant and macabre cover art by Vincent Helmkamp (Necromaniac ´zine), ‘Revealed from Ashes’ is a crushing reminder of the validity of the tradition when done with passion and true reverence.

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Memento Mori


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