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MEDIEVAL DEMON (Gr) – ‘Black Coven’ CD


MEDIEVAL DEMON (Gr) – ‘Black Coven’ CD

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Continuing that enviable momentum compared to most “old” bands who tiredly rehash long-faded glories, MEDIEVAL DEMON light another new full-length torch with Black Coven. Just as its esteemed predecessors sounded like those glorious ’90s never ended, so, too, does Black Coven burn with an authentically eldritch fire by those who truly LIVED IT. Much as canonical Hellenic black metal always prized heavy metal classicism at the heart of black METAL, MEDIEVAL DEMON once again synthesize such with equally-classic horror and high drama, making Black Coven arguably their most widescreen record yet. The production, in kind, gives robust crunch to that heavy metalized songwriting, along with highlighting the band’s always-captivating synth work. Indeed, the album sounds EXACTLY as it should for something titled Black Coven: the ancient spirits are legion, and unbound!

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