MANZER (Fr) – ‘Long Live Metal’ TAPE


MANZER (Fr) – ‘Long Live Metal’ TAPE

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Though seems that Manzer is a newcomer in the scene, it is not fully true as main-man Shaxul is wellknown from Hirilorn, Deathspell Omega, Anthennah, Arphaxat and as head of the Legion Of Death Records. With Manzer as a trio  he play old school thrash/black metal  with influences from Venom, Motörhead and japanese Sabbat. This pro-tape (limited to 111 copies only) contains their 2011 gig from Long Live Metal Festival, France, good and clear sound, 10 songs in total, including 2 coversongs (Ace of spades – Motörhead, Acid queen – Venom

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Stygian Shadows


Black Metal