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MALEFIC THRONE (USA) – ‘Malefic Throne’ CD


MALEFIC THRONE (USA) – ‘Malefic Throne’ CD

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A veritable death metal “supergroup,” MALEFIC THRONE is a three-headed beast joining together death metal royalty: guitarist Gene Palubicki (PERDITION TEMPLE, Angelcorpse, BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY), vocalist/bassist Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel, Warfather), and drummer John Longstreth (Origin, Hate Eternal, ex-Angelcorpse). Suitably, the sound on their self-titled debut EP maliciously mainlines much of those foundational death metal sounds for which all three members have been renowned the past three decades. Fiery and furious but finessed with a surprising amount of grace, MALEFIC THRONE spit forth a lean ‘n’ mean whirlwind that’s diabolically blackened and gleaming like the sharpest blade. In just 19 minutes, the trio get in, get out, and fucking DESTROY.

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