LUCIFERICON (Nl) – ‘Brimstone Altar’ MCD digipack


LUCIFERICON (Nl) – ‘Brimstone Altar’ MCD digipack

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Lucifericon return with another wholly satisfying mini-album. Brimstone Altar quickly explodes into being with a sepulchral lurch ‘n’ crunch that immediately bewitches the listener. From there, the twists and turns flow fast and freely, the band’s Death Metal now blackened to a crisp and robustly recorded, allowing every evil nuance to spill from the soundfield and further bewitch the eardrums. As the record progresses, it soon becomes apparent that Lucifericon have mastered the art of the “patient payoff,” for their songwriting here builds detail upon subtle detail despite the obvious aggression employed.

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Death Metal