LIMBONIC ART (Nor) – ‘Moon In The Scorpio’ D-LP Gatefold


LIMBONIC ART (Nor) – ‘Moon In The Scorpio’ D-LP Gatefold

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In stock
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Moon in the Scorpio is easily one of the best albums in the band’s discography. The albums is able to capture a terrifying, eerie, cold atmosphere. The song lengths are closer to atmospheric black metal, each being about 8 minutes in length. These long songs completely seduce the listener into an astral journey of psychedelic insanity. Only the insane minds of Morfeus and Daemon would be able to come up with a masterpiece like this one, capturing the best of true black metal, symphonic black metal and atmospheric black metal. This is one of the most interesting albums of black metal, and definitely a symphonic black metal masterpiece. Double LP, 350gsm gatefold jacket with high glossy lamination, 4 pages booklet.

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Black Metal

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