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“‘Demise’ is the kind of record you grind beneath your skin, a riff tattoo you warp your damn mind with via countless, seemingly endless shreds through its tunnel of head-down, guitars out traditional death metal roar. It isn’t particularly catchy, or technical, nor do these guys play so fast that you’ll lose your shit but the merciless erosion that Laceration provides is, again, an authentic approximation of the kinda Slayer-assed death metal we were getting out of Florida after ‘Altars of Madness’ left the mold wet and pliable going forward. The most plausible comparison you’ll get out of anyone is of course early Malevolent Creation, up ’til about ‘Stillborn’ but with a big, very slightly percussive bass guitar tone you’d expect from a tech thrash leaning group via that brutal late 80’s death/thrash sound. The main difference between the early 90’s and now should be clear to the long time fans as this is a loose-shouldered and straight-faced death metal album that never sounds anxietous or strained, nor is there any sort of flamboyant or over the top showmanship involved; They get in and grind eleven 3-5 minute tracks in a row then duck out. Not even a bit of flash beyond some acoustic guitar along the way. ” 9/10 Grizzly Butts

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