KVADRAT – ‘The Horrible Dissonance of Oblivion’ LP


Blue/black galaxy vinyl, exclusive Nuclear Winter Records version, limited to 166 copies


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One man dissonant black/death unit KVADRAT is unleashing debut long player «The horrible dissonance of oblivion» on April, 2024

In the span of 44 minutes, Kvadrat is unraveling a documentation of collective and individual downfall in the form of a musical work. A monument built to remind, provoke, traumatize and disturb, to fuel and awaken the nauseating sensations of uncertainty, alienation, hatred and pain. 7 chaotic compositions create images, sounds, shapes, scent, temperature, form and dimension to a world of meaninglessness, in an insane exploration for a purpose.

“The same song keeps playing over and over, same darkness, same horrors feeding of souls. Same heartbeat and agony, in an insane search for a different exit. Horrible images, nightmares, cacophonous voices, catastrophe, pain and violence, all gathered, feasting and, dancing around the fire. All life numbed and locked in the maze. Burying all will of staying awake, under the horrible dissonance of oblivion”.

All music & lyrics, instruments & vocals, drum programming, recording/mixing, cover art & graphic artworks, logo and layouts, animation and video by I.A (KVADRAT).

Mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studios, USA

For fans of: Ulcerate, Hate Eternal, Deathspell Omega

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Black Metal, Death / Black, Death Metal