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KILLGASM (USA) – ‘Bloodbath of Satanic Vengeance’ CD Slipcase


KILLGASM (USA) – ‘Bloodbath of Satanic Vengeance’ CD Slipcase

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Most normal bands wouldn’t use these riffs, beats or breaks, but there’s nothing normal, civil or sane about Killgasm. It’s not an extremely long album, but it will become too dangerous by the time you reach a third, after one half you won’t believe Killgasm are still going on, but you will keep listening out of morbid curiosity (and hoping nobody hears it and calls the ambulance) – and by the end of the CD you’ll be beaten up and scorched, wondering what the hell it was that you just listened to. We haven’t heard such an over-the-top – musically and lyrically – collection of black or grind – or both together – or who cares – in years. Satan’s genitals would stand proud in approval. (9/10)

Weight 105 g

Death Metal