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KAWIR (Gr) – ‘Αμύητον Μη Εισιέναι’ 6xLP BOXSET


KAWIR (Gr) – ‘Αμύητον Μη Εισιέναι’ 6xLP BOXSET

In stock

In stock
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6x black vinyls edition, 300 copies.


-slipcase boxset,

6 vinyls: 1st album To Cavirs (1st and only official release dates back to 1996), 2nd album Epoptia (for the first time on vinyl, +EP Eumenides as bonus), 3rd album Arai (for the first time on vinyl), 4th album and following EP Ophiolatria + To Uranus ((for the first time on vinyl, double vinyl), 20 year compilation which features all KAWIR split participations (Sigh, Nocternity, Zemial, Scythian, Emissaires of a Profane Advent 4-way split) + 4 unreleased tracks (Io Pan, Marasmus, Thanatos, To Athena),

16-page booklet with all lyrics, pictures, official discography, biography and comments by Efthimis Karadims (Nightfall, The Slayerking), Acherontas V.Priest (Acherontas), Expulsion Angel (Nergal), Necroabyssious (Varathron), The Magus (Necromantia, Principality of Hell, Thou Art Lord), Sakis (Rotting Christ), Alexandros (Macrabre Omen) & Archfiend Devilpig (Embrace of Thorns).

Weight 1999 kg

Those Opposed Rec.


Greek Black Metal

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